Patient Testimonials

There is no doubt that Dr. Rebecca Meldrum is an amazing naturopathic practitioner, but perhaps more importantly is that she is an amazing person. She integrates her knowledge and expertise in the field with her warm, inviting attitude that allows her to step inside the minds of each one of her patients. Dr. Meldrum treats anyone seeking help with open, optimistic arms that extend well beyond the requirements of the job, and she will explore every option at her disposal to help meet your specific needs. Mere words alone cannot express the deep admiration and respect I have for Dr. Meldrum. I know that Dr. Meldrum will continue to positively influence all with whom she comes into contact, and it is that positivity that makes her not just good, but great, at what she does. I would highly recommend Dr. Meldrum to anyone ready and willing to take a positive step to improving their life.
— Tara